Vol 19 Chapter 13-3

“Are you going to fight me, brother?” Rui-Kong looked over at ZhuiKong with a giggle. Her pure white eyes concealed her emotions and thoughts from the others. Her tone did not change a bit from before. “It’s troublesome. I didn’t intend to fight you so early. Brother, you are the same type of people as me. We have the same soul and trait. You are the one I care most about aside from sis. I wanted to save you for the last but… brother, don’t force me. If the beauty of the final blossom is shattered, not even god can forgive your sin.”

ZhuiKong nodded and said with a smile. “You’re right. Not even god can forgive this sin. My little sister. Let your brother bear the sin and rest in peace.” Tears filled his eyes, yet his face held a tender smile, a smile without...

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