Vol 19 Chapter 13-1

Zheng ended up being a suspect to ZhuiKong and his group. With Li-Kong lying dead beside his feet and blood stained all over his body, he was the most conspicuous person standing. Several people immediately threw concealed weapons at him. These attacks were destined to be fruitless but they still annoyed him quite a bit. He had his full attention on YinKong at this time.

YinKong was staring at Zheng with a pair of eyes covered in veins. She had not attacked, yet the pressure she was exerting robbed him of the chance to dodge at will. He could not take his eyes off her and could only rely on his speed and toughness to take on the incoming weapons. If he were to glance away for even a split second, she might come charging at him.

The situation was difficult for Zheng. He could only use a fraction of his power,...

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