Vol 19 Chapter 12-2

“Whether the plan succeeds in bringing out the last piece isn’t the question. The probability hovers between sixty to seventy percent. If we don’t obtain the whole statue by the seven day limit, we would be erased either way. We might as well take the gamble.” Xuan said to the people in front.

Heng, ChengXiao, WangXia, and Yanwei stood in front of him. They had over thirty hours before the time limit was up. Xuan left Shanghai where he had stayed the past few days, and came to the northeast. There was no longer a Japanese occupied area in this region. With the defeat of the Japanese army, the northeast region became lawless and chaotic. Deserters, bandits and refugees formed the paintings of hell. These small scale riots happening among its citizens were not something the team could stop.

“Get it? This is the reason I disagreed with you defeating the Japanese army in a large scale battle.” Xuan calmly stated. “The cruelest laws are still better than...

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