Vol 19 Chapter 11-5

Li-Kong continued chasing after Rui-Kong without any change. However, it was impossible to not notice the connection established to his mind. A hint of cautiousness was added to his movements.

This was the moment Rui-Kong was waiting for. When one was overwhelming his opponent with pure power, the hint of cautiousness became a flaw. He no longer put forth everything he had in this process.

Rui-Kong’s delicate white hand gently held the incoming fist. It appeared so feeble and light, yet her hand guided the fist off its direction. Then her palm struck Li-Kong’s chest with a thump. As her palm hit the target, she leaped backward. The tide of the battle reversed in the blink of an eye.

Li-Kong’s two meter tall body trembled at the strike. Rui-Kong’s hand might appear feeble but infinitesimal control utilized every...

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