Vol 19 Chapter 11-3

Zheng truly agreed with YinKong’s statement that ZhuiKong could be stronger than her. He might not appear so in this dream world. He was weaker than many of the people around him. However, Zheng had suspected him of concealing his strength given their encounters in God’s realm. Perhaps he was suppressing himself from unlocking to the fourth stage.

(What is the story of the outbreak? The series of events is becoming increasingly puzzling. The gentleness shown by ZhuiKong doesn’t seem to be an act. Why did he transform into that psychopath after he entered God’s realm? Did he kill the friends who grew up with him, which caused the change? Did he fail in the unlocking process?)

Zheng pondered over the viability of ascension by force as he watched the two little girls. This method appeared dangerous and absurd but it...

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