Vol 19 Chapter 10-2

ChengXiao actually felt he could trust Heng’s assurance. For some reason, a valiant aura emerged from Heng after he rid himself of the cowardice mentality. Even though he would eventually become a henpecked guy, he was still trustworthy as a comrade. This kind of people would never abandon a comrade and run away.

(It’s still strange to think that he defeated an army with a bow and arrows. Do you consider this as cold weapons winning over firearms?) ChengXiao thought whiling looking out the window in a car.

He landed in the middle of a busy city that had a large harbor from the Sky Stick. Dongbei had fallen. The Japanese army was rebuilding the city and siphoning every bit of its resources. After all, Japan had neither the resource nor manpower of its own to support such a gigantic army they amassed....

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