Vol 19 Chapter 1-3

Xuan did not say much to Heng’s request. He brought out the Na ring and WangXia activated it with Qi. The golden book was taken out. This was the single most important item in the realm. The only item that could revive players.

No one talked much afterward while they finished their food. It appeared that they did not want to take part in Heng’s private matter. Heng also returned with grateful looks then opened the door and walked out by himself.

(Is it time to revive her? Is it finally the team? For real this time?)

Various thoughts were flying through his mind. This short distance to the center of the platform took him three minutes to get there. Before he realized it, he was right under the sphere. Heng hesitated. With the Book of Amun-Ra in his hand, he spaced out as he stared at the sphere.

(Am I… prepared to face her?)

Pah! Heng slapped his face with both hands. The hesitation and look of lost disappeared from his eyes and resolute took their place.

(Yes! I am prepared! If it’s her… I am prepared even if death awaits.)

Heng raised the Book of Amun-Ra over his head and said, “God, revive Min YanWei!”

Her memories and past flooded into Heng’s mind.

By the time he witnessed all of them, tears had drowned his face, sadness, pain, despair, and death of the heart drown him. He knew she was going through immense pain but when he finally experienced the pain, it was beyond what he could handle....

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