Vol 18 Chapter 12-9

ChengXiao stopped his feet in the center of the street. He looked out to Xuan who was barely visible from the distance.

ChengXiao yelled to Heng, "If you insist up to this point, I have no other choice but to blieve in you. We are comrades… Heng, let us place a bet. We will stand here and he won't hit us with this shot. You won't be able to shoot if I am dodging while carrying you. So I will stay here. The moment he fires, I will throw you up. Then you shoot that whatever four arrow shot at him. If he hits us, we are dead. He your shot fails, we are dead. Damn it. I am a fucking retard to take this bet with you… Heng! My life is in your hand!"

Heng tightened his grip of the silver bow...

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