Vol 18 Chapter 12-4

Heng sighed at the gun. He let out a bitter smile and said, “I used to be scared of dying but I really wanted to die. Now that I am not scared of dying, I don’t want to die. How ironic.” He closed his eyes.

The fake Xuan moved like the real Xuan in every minute detail. He slowly raised the gun. As he was about to pull the trigger, a man appeared out of thin air between the two of them. It was so unexpected that both Heng and Xuan were taken aback, and so was the person who appeared. Then Xuan pulled the trigger.

A series of tat-tat-tat sounds echoed but the man’s head wasn’t smashed as expected. A rippling barrier popped up by his head and blocked the bullets.

ChengXiao shouted, “You mad? I am ChengXiao! Did you forget who I am?”

Heng saw ChengXiao was about to step away and yelled, “Don’t move! My dragonshard...

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