Vol 18 Chapter 12-2

Heng’s appearance was so sudden and his shout drew everyone's attention. TengYi’s mind froze for a moment when he saw Heng, like he was asking who was this man? That only lasted for two seconds before something struck his mind and he yelled, “Heng! You are Heng! Help me! Hurry!”

Heng was confused at TengYi’s words. Why did this TengYi seem like they didn’t know each other? Or that he had just remembered him? But there was no time to ponder because the dragonshard barrier only blocked attacks from technological weapons and not Freddy’s gloved hand. Heng saw Freddy reaching out his glove to kill TengYi. Only a few steps’ distance separated the two. Those scissors would pierce into TengYi’s back in at most two seconds.

“Fuck you!” Heng yelled.

Light radiated from Heng’s hands and...

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