Vol 18 Chapter 12-1

TengYi and LiuYu fell into a grave situation after Zheng entered the despair dream. Zheng left so suddenly and Xuan began attacking them at the same instant. If it weren’t for the Dragonshard necklace, the first round of fire would have shot TengYi into a beehive. Not so lucky for LiuYu on the other hand. The needle like Gauss bullets pierced his arm and disabled it.

Xuan possessed the same two Gauss pistols but he did not have the fighting capacity of real Xuan. There was no gun-kata, no Lambda Driver, and not even the most basic genetic constraint unlock. All he had offensively were the Gauss pistols. Otherwise, TengYi and LiuYu wouldn’t have the chance to escape.

In the first round of fires, a barrier protected TengYi from the bullets. However, it was only a matter of time before the barrier ran out of...

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