Vol 18 Chapter 11-3

Xuan remained calm as he continued to eat. It was as though Tiger’s Soul would cause no damage to him or perhaps he believed Zheng would not attack him. He did not move from his seat.

TengYi and LiuYu were shocked by Zheng’s action. They immediately got up but Zheng spoke before they did.

“You are not Xuan. This can be seen in multiple areas. You copied the image of the Xuan that I know of but you do not possess the wit that he has. It’s something that I can’t emulate even in the third stage. The third unlocked stage would be worthless if you can easily emulate him just for being in a dream.” Zheng sneered.

Xuan was still silent. He merely looked over to Zheng. This manner and posture looked quite like the real Xuan. Even the way he chewed...

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