Vol 18 Chapter 1-3

The Magic Cannon itself wasn't too bizarre looking. Its silver shell gave it a retro appearance similar to cannons from the industrial era. The only difference being a lack of an ignition fuse. Instead, where the fuse would be located was replaced with a silver box.

However, the transit system of the Magic Cannon was bizarre… Four skeleton legs extended below the metal construction.

"Ah! My Nightmare!" Zheng crawled on the floor. His trembling hands reached out for the skeleton legs. Yet, when he saw the legs were fused with the metal part above, his hands froze. A long moment went by before he said in a dreadful voice, "What is this? Tell me! What is this thing?"

"The Magic Cannon." Xuan confirmed with a nod. "The design is modified from the original Magic Cannon from God's realm....

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