Vol 17 Chapter 7-4

The time was dawn when team China arrived at Shelter 1. Everyone let out a sigh of relief upon seeing this base because it was a modernized military base. There was a complete airport and barracks. The civilian tents were separated from the rest. A modern research building was guarded. And best of all, there were high tech weapons such as the newest Apache attack helicopters and tanks that hadn’t been turned into Transformers. A few helicopters took off as the Sky Sticks appeared in the distance. The two parties had communicated in advance so the helicopters guarded the Sky Sticks until they reached Shelter 1.

Shelter 1 was located on a flat plain the mountains. A river flowed through this plain. So there were way more troops and civilians stationed in this shelter. Basically all the civilians that survived in the surrounding cities had gathered here. The population approximated two millions, crowding this spacious plain.

The United States was one of the leading countries...

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