Vol 17 Chapter 6-1

The team opened their eyes from that familiar dreamy state to discover they were in a dark sewer. Rotten and unpleasant smell struck them from every direction. Rats were running outside their perimeter. Lan screamed at once but quickly covered her mouth.

“It’s fine. The plot hasn’t started yet. We are safe.” Zheng chuckled. He knocked on the invisible wall and they were indeed isolated from the world.

Zheng turned around and looked to Xuan. “You awake? What were you doing in these ten days that you only came out at the last two minutes?”

Xuan frowned. He observed around. “Making something.”

“Making something? What thing?” Zheng was curious. He looked over Xuan from top to bottom. “Where is it? Why don’t I see you carry anything? And did you craft any mithril rings?...

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