Vol 17 Chapter 3-1

Who would have thought the first thing HongLu did after being revived was to challenge Xuan? Zheng knew HongLu was intelligent but he always felt HongLu was still a bit behind Xuan. The way of thinking and a person’s intelligence were important but equally so were composure and experience. There was basically no one who could beat Xuan on these two traits.

(But… it’s good if we can ocassionally see Xuan get embarassed. Not much hope but HongLu could probably create some obstacles for him. It’s not the best feeling when he always gets the spotlight.) Zheng gave HongLu glances of encouragement. However, HongLu recognized his circumstance and didn’t say anything provoking afterward. He chuckled as he asked Zheng what happened after Resident Evil.

The team stayed in The Mummy for three days. There wasn’t anything else important...

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