Vol 17 Chapter 15-3

The theory behind the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception was unknown much like the theory of the Lambda Driver. Neither could be explained through science. Once Zero realized the power of this ability after he exchanged it, he practiced it extensively in God’s dimension. The healing allowed him to gain expertise on the ability. That was how he managed to save Zheng at the critical moment in the Lord of the Rings. The efforts he had put into his training and his belief were the force behind his successes.

The robot in Zero’s eyes was formed by lines and points. The points were tiny and few. They were like thee stars in the night sky, flashing over the robot’s body and changing their positions. Their brightness swaps between bright and dim. It was difficult for Zero to lock onto the points. Zero had to switch to the lines as he had done the last several times he used this ability.

The lines were also moving along the robot’s body but they did not flash onto another location like the points did. So Zero had...

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