Vol 17 Chapter 14-3

Kampa, Heng, WangXia and YinKong were standing beside Zero. HongLu realized Xuan’s plan once the final hydrogen bomb landed. He became depressed at the time but his discipline as a strategist kept him up. He ordered Kampa and YinKong to be prepared for combat. As soon as the temperature decreased, they would advance toward the center of explosion, where a grand battle awaited!

“It’s the first time I feel helpless against someone…” HongLu said to the others as he sat on the floor and played with his hair.

Lan found it a little funny. She looked at him and said. “This isn’t the first time you met him. Didn’t you feel the same when you lost to Xuan in Resident Evil?”

HongLu replied with a serious tone. “That’s different. I lost to an enemy at the time. Losses are inevitable...

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