Vol 17 Chapter 14-2

The pain Gando was experiencing was unspeakable. Not because of Zheng and Xuan falling in the swarm of Decepticons but the momentum created from the throw. This force was so enormous that his whole body was pushed against the wall of the cockpit. The Valkyrie then smashed onto a corner of the corridor. Fortunately, he landed with his back against the wall, otherwise, the AllSpark would be destroyed.

The concussion took two seconds to go away. Gando was finally able to see the scene behind. The sea of Decepticons did not attack Zheng just as he expected. They were transforming into flying vehicles and rushing to him. Furthermore, Decepticons were also coming from the other side of the corridor. He was being sandwiched.

“Run!” Zheng shouted.

It was as though this shout woke...

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