Vol 17 Chapter 1-1

The black mist corroded YinKong’s arm in a blink of an eye. There was nothing left to one of her arms. However, on the remaining hand, she was holding onto Sauron’s broken arm tightly. The One Ring lost its vicious aura that it had when Sauron wielded the ring. The black glow was still visible, much different than the dullness it had when the Hobbit possessed it.

“God, give everyone a full…” As Zheng was going to speak the last word, he saw Xuan drew his pistol. Several shots fired at HaoTian’s head. His head busted like a watermellon. No amount of healing could save him.

Everyone was shocked. Zheng ignored his burn as he grabbed Xuan at once and roared. “You gone mad? Or controlled? Do you want me to bust your head too?”

Xuan slid the pistol back into his sleeve then calmly said. “I will...

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