Vol 16 Chapter 8-3

“How do we destroy it? We destroy it now!”

A strong dwarf shouted. He raised his axe and hacked at the ring. The axe emitted a brilliant red light then both the axe and table exploded. The explosion blasted him away. The other dwarves caught him. Everyone waited for the dust to set. When they looked over at the remains, the stone table had shattered. The broken axe lay among the little rocks. Yet, the One Ring was intact.

Elrond sighed. “It’s no use. No weapon that we have here can damage this ring. It is a ring that reigns over everything in this world, a miracle forged in Orodruin. The lava in Orodruin is the only thing that can destroy the ring. We must bring it to Orodruin. This is the only thing we can do!”

The room fell to a silence again. Then the human knight said. “We can’t...

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