Vol 16 Chapter 4-4

Xuan responded in a deep voice then picked up Frodo and ran toward the back of the elves. The other three Hobbits looked at each other and followed them. YinKong, Richard, and ChengXiao followed after. A Caucasian man from team Northern Ice Land hesitated a bit before going. These nine people crossed the elves' defense line and into the forest.

Zheng didn't have the effort to care about other people. He attacked with the intention of slashing the Ringwraith in halves but the dark sword defended against the light blade from Tiger's Soul. So after the two weapons clashed, he only cut off an arm from the Ringwraith. As he raised sword for a follow up attack, the Ringwraith pulled the lead rope and the horse jumped back. The anti-gravity attribute proved its...

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