Vol 16 Chapter 4-3

It was less than a minute after they started running when they could see a faint golden glow ahead. The elves in The Lord of the Rings exerted a soft glow in darkness which gave them a sense of mysterious beauty. This was also the best method of identifying the elves. When many elves gathered together, this beautiful glow looked more striking.

As soon as they saw the glow, a chilling air struck them from behind. This air blew up scattered leaves on the ground. They could hear the whinny of horses and instantly felt things were going terrible. The Ringwraiths were too fast. Were these death knights already here?

"Don't worry. The Ringwraiths are still a few minutes away." Lan yelled as she ran. "I can't see it with psyche scan but I can see the withering plants. The traces of withering are approaching. Hurry!"

The group sped up even more as they heard. Ten seconds later, they saw the elves. This group of elves had...

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