Vol 16 Chapter 4-2

"We can safely assume that the movie characters are at least five times more powerful than they are in the movie. Maybe even more. There's also the possibility this only applies to a small number of characters, like the Ringwraiths. There are only nine of them in the movie."

The three teams began moving again after they killed the Ringwraith. Even the weakest newbies didn't complain and ran with all they had. Thanks to Lan's endurance psyche force ability, everyone was able to keep running and the newbies didn't lag behind.

The two Hobbits finally said they were tired by evening. So the three teams set up camps by a forest. The Hobbits and newbies stayed within the center of the camp for their safety while the veterans stayed by the border.

The Hobbits then wanted to look for vegetables among the farm fields. The leaders had no choice but to assign several people to protect...

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