Vol 16 Chapter 32-5

The mace struck toward Aragorn with the momentum of ten tons of force. Along with it was the black mist that swept at Aragorn. However, the moment the Charged Shot fixed its target at Sauron, he pulled the mace back in front of his body with unbelievable speed. A magic circle emerged in the air between him and the arrow. The magic circle rotated. The mysterious symbols radiated with a black light.

On the far end of the battlefield, SongTian looked down with complicated feelings. His broken arm had stopped bleeding. However, smoking was coming off the wound as if it was being corroded.

“... Team China. Their potential is even higher than team Devil’s.” He said with worry.

Adam sat beside him. He was doing calculations on a piece of paper. He replied without taking his eyes off the paper. “Yes. Team China has higher...

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