Vol 16 Chapter 32-4

Zheng didn’t know he just made a roundabout on the edge of hell. YinKong’s existence caused ZhuiKong to give up assassination on them. Zheng would not be a match for ZhuiKong given his physical condition at the moment, even if he managed to enter Destruction. Furthermore, what would have come was an assassination. There was probably no one who could withstand ZhuiKong’s assassination.

Zheng very luckily knew nothing about what had happened. The situation was under his monitor by relying on Lan’s psyche scan. He made contact with Xuan’s mind. This was not the time to speak in detail but Zheng kindly informed Xuan he would get beaten up badly.

“Even though I still don’t know what you have done or are planning to do. But I can tell you with certainty that you need to be prepared for what I have for you once we return to God’s dimension.” His tone was sweet rather than vicious. However, this sounded weird when combined with the content of his words.

“Oh.” Xuan responded as if he wasn’t concerned of the threatening in the least bit. “There are two things...

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