Vol 16 Chapter 31-3

Xuan frowned. He gave a serious look at Adam.

Adam received it unperturbed and also spoke in a serious manner. “There isn’t actually that much hatred between us. We are only worried by the other person’s development. You worry about team Celestial under my lead and so am I on team China? Furthermore, you have an individual with phenomenal potential just like our Cultivator, Luo YingLong. All in all, we are only worried. There’s no need to come to an end where one side must die. Our true enemies are supposed to be team Devil, who have overwhelming power over our teams.”

Xuan did not reply. He drew out his two Gauss pistols, then slid them back into his sleeves. He repeated the motion several times before he muttered. “Fine. I will let you go. But I need the energy stones you have with you. Don’t tell me...

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