Vol 16 Chapter 31-2

These shocking changes were coming one after another. It seemed as though every type of army was going to make their appearance in this battle. Accompanying the entrance of the Ents were tens of boulders lopped in the air similar to those from the catapults. The boulders crashed into the Oliphaunts. Ten of them immediately struck to the ground.

Riding on top each Oliphaunt were ten humanoids. They recognized the threat of the Ents and turned the Oliphaunts to the Ents. The Ents responded by charging out of the woods toward the Oliphaunts.

The beings from both sides were massive. The Oliphaunts were several dozen meters in height and the Ents ten meters. It might seem the Ents were no match but their numbers tripled that of the Oliphaunts. Their bodies far exceeded the toughness of humans. The massive beings collided into each other after a short da...

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