Vol 16 Chapter 30-3

Xuan showed no sign of anger. He nodded, acknowledging HaoTian’s words. It seemed that he had known of HaoTian’s plan all along.

HaoTian was anxious and asked. “How could you know our plan? It was designed at a place beyond where you can sense. There’s no way for you to know. Furthermore, didn’t you die? I am certain I heard the notification of your death. The surveillance through the broken cellphone left in Helm’s Deep also confirmed your death… Is it a skill that can deceive God? Or is it a device or item that created an illusion on me?”

Xuan nodded. “You’re correct that I died. This body currently speaking to you is merely a zombie. The plan began since the information I obtained from Galadriel… Galadriel has a method of preserving the soul because the elves can come back to life...

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