Vol 16 Chapter 30-2

Any person who reached the fourth stage had his unique combat style. Of course, it wouldn’t change principally from before. An archer would still be an archer instead of running up to the enemy with a sword. A caster would still be a caster. They develop further within what they were most skilled in.

To Luo YingLong’s knowledge, SongTian excelled at breaking through brute force with techniques, Zhui YinKong excelled in speed beyond comprehension, Clone Zheng excelled in utilizing infinitesimal control to an extreme level. The Zheng in front of him… he wondered what caused him to develop the technique that exchanged damage to his body for a short moment’s strength. He could see the increase in strength would be followed by damage to the body that would strip him of continual fighting ability. However, he was unstoppable within his time. “Simply impressive. I probably can’t sustain ten seconds for...

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