Vol 16 Chapter 30-1

The land in a hundred-meter radius around Zheng floated up fifteen meters. Inside this land was he, Luo YingLong and many half-orcs. Luo YingLong circled the area on his sword. All the half-orcs were shredded into pieces. He then jumped off the sword. There was now only he and Zheng on the land.

“It’s quiet now. Come. Let us have a good fight. The last time we fought your clone, we saved a few Caucasians from him using our numbers advantage. There’s no one to disturb us now. Let me see if the power of your unlocked stage can rival the power of Xiuzhen!” He shouted.

Zheng threw away the broken arm in his hand. He had entered a berserk state but he didn’t leap at Luo YingLong mindlessly. He straightened his posture. His hands reached for his ribs. Following a crackling sound, he pushed a dislocated rib back...

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