Vol 16 Chapter 29-2

The first to rush up and initial attack wasn’t Luo YingLong. The black man behind him came up front. He roared at the sky. An illusionary black bear emerged next to him. And then a black panther, black tiger, and black elephant. The illsuionary animals merged into his body.

(They do look fierce… but why are all the animals black?) This strange thought came to his mind though only for an instant. The black man charged at him like thunder. Ta-ta-ta. The slate ground couldn’t stand his force and exploded with his steps.

Zheng had only the time to slash across as the black man approached fiercely. The man countered his sword with a punch. Right before his fist came in contact with the light blade, a panther emerged from the fist and tightly bit onto the light blade. He then...

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