Vol 16 Chapter 28-2

Seeing your enemies would always evoke anger. The Ringwraiths originally had nine and now they all died but one. This Ringwraith gained strength as a result. However, the hatred was burned into its heart.

The nine Ringwraiths were once kings who sought the rings for mortal men. Sauronn turned them into beings neither alive nor dead, stripped of freedom and sunk into darkness. Anyhow, they had eight others in similar states who accompanied them. No man could endure such pain and loneliness by himself no matter how evil they became. Thus, the final Ringwraith hated Zheng and his group.

It roared at the sight of Zheng and his Nightmare. The screeching sound was piercing to Zheng’s ears. The Ringwraith leaped at him....

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