Vol 16 Chapter 28-1

This scene was a true depiction of war. Only twenty to thirty thousand of the orc army in the front could touch the city wall, but the catapults could attack from the distance. Boulders rained down on Minas Tirith.

Zheng couldn’t fully defend such a situation. The city was simply too big to defend even though its sides stood against the mountain. It was different from the rectangular shapes the cities in ancient China had where only the front would get attacked and it was different from the small fortress that was Helm’s Deep. This was a true city with over ten floors in height and spanned hundreds of meters across. How could he take care of every place by himself?

(If I unlocked the fourth stage, I can simply charged into the orc army…) Zheng and Gandalf stood in a middle level and looked down at the battlefield....

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