Vol 16 Chapter 27-3

Although Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli were unclear how they really felt, they still decided to head to the mountain immediately. Anduril will save them from being killed by the Dead even if they failed to gain control of the army.

The three members of team China accompanied them. They knew the strength of the Army of the Dead. In the movie, it was this army that brought victory to the battle at Minas Tirith. It was also the reason Zheng left them behind, and to protect the three movie characters.

“It would be good if we have extra energy stones. This bow can focus energy on the string. You didn’t see it when Legolas used my bow yesterday. He gathered Life Energy on the string, then it formed into thin arrows. These arrows increased the area of impact by up to ten folds. That’s effectively turning the bow into...

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