Vol 16 Chapter 27-1

Two days passed since Zheng’s group returned to Edoras. Their only reward from the journey to Isengard was killing Saruman who had gone insane. Such a famed wizard died to Legolas’s three arrow Explosive Shot and Heng’s Charged Shot. He didn’t even use a barrier. At that stage, he was merely an old man.

The tower began to collapse after Saruman’s death. This differed from the movie plot. Gandalf told them it was Saruman’s magic that supported the tower and that it would fall to the ground upon Saruman’s death.

“It’s such a pity to the items inside. According to what you said, a wizard should have a rich collection. The treasures of a White Wizard could rival that of a kingdom. I wonder how many energy stones and other magical items are in there.” Zheng said...

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