Vol 16 Chapter 26-2

What Xuan was hiding wasn’t always so important. At least ZhuiKong didn’t seem to care when he looked at Adam with a smile.

Adam appeared to care about ZhuiKong. SongTian stepped in between them. A moment of silence followed between the two parties.

Adam opened his mouth. “Zhao ZhuiKong, when my team went to take the ring, you had already taken it. The biggest influence in this world actually fell into your hands. Although I don’t want this to happen but you have decided to compete with us in this world, correct?”

ZhuiKong’s smile didn’t change. He didn’t express his position and looked at SongTian. “You also reached the fourth stage? Early phase… how unexciting. If you can’t control yourself, just allow yourself to kill like a wild beast. Death is a beauty of its own. Forcefully suppressing...

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