Vol 16 Chapter 25-1

Xuan’s death was confirmed. While the battle was still going on, the team did heard the notification of deducting one point. Zheng was still fantasizing this was another one of Xuan’s crazy schemes but it was obviously not. Xuan died. And in such a pathetic way of death.

“The wisest still makes a mistake in a thousand contemplations. Or did he become tired of fighting on? Tired of chasing that almost imaginary fourth stage and chose death?” Zheng sat in a lobby. He silently looked at the people in front of him. Xuan’s body was placed in the center.

A whole day passed after the battle against the Uruk-hai army. Gandalf indeed arrived at dawn with two thousand riders. Though what awaited them wasn’t the swarm of Uruk-hai they imagined. People had already begun cleaning...

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