Vol 16 Chapter 24-1

Xuan was standing on where it would get bombed in the original plot. This was the turning point of the battle. The Uruk-hai couldn’t have broken into this fortress otherwise in a single night otherwise. Zheng discussed with Xuan beforehand and they came up with a solution. Once the wall was bombed, Zheng would use the Book of the Dead to alter the terrain of the area to block the Uruk-hai from entering the fortress.

How could Xuan have forgotten about the bomb? Yet, he was still standing at that section of the wall. Right as Zheng turned around, he saw the Uruk-hai with the torch charged toward sewer under the wall.

“No!” Zheng’s eyes were bloodshot. There wasn’t even the time for him to dismount. He jumped straight off the Nightmare’s back then jumped again midair with Instant...

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