Vol 16 Chapter 23-2

The Uruk-hai stopped their advancement. An official looking Uruk-hai stepped onto a boulder. It roared and turned its head. Its voice echoed throughout the battlefield. Then a second Uruk-hai followed. Then a third, fourth… until the Uruk-hai’s roars reached every part of the battlefield. They thumped the ground with their pikes and weapons in rhythm. It felt as though the ground was trembling.

An older archer’s hands shook, letting go an arrow that was ready on the bow. It killed a pikeman Uruk-hai. The battlefield suddenly fell to a silence for a moment then the Uruk-hai roared with more insanity than ever. The blood instilled no fear but instead drove them to frenzy. The Uruk-hai charged at the wall.

“Ready! Fire!” Aragorn...

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