Vol 16 Chapter 23-1

Zheng slept through the day. Night fell. The sky outside was pitch black. The only lights came from the torches on the fortress walls. Many of the villagers stare at the night sky in this darkness. They knew this would be sleepless night.

The movie characters, the riders, and the rest of team China woke up along with Zheng. Hunger emerged immediately. They thought they could eat a whole cow. -princess- was smart to order preparation of food when they just fell asleep. Roasted meat and biscuits were waiting for them on the tables already. Everyone began to fill themselves up.

Aragorn asked Eowyn. “What time is this? The Uruk-hai arrived yet?”

Eowyn gave him a bitter smile. “They are almost here, only an hour left. There are so many of...

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