Vol 16 Chapter 22-2

A light blade slashed downward from the sky. The villagers cried at the sight. The young man standing on his sword floated on the height parallel to the wall. He scanned the people below then fixed his eyes on Zheng. “Zheng Zha! Do you dare to fight me?”

Before Zheng spoke, ChengXiao murmured. “This isn’t several hundred years ago. Who still says lines like do you dare to fight? Why don’t you say I’m general x, announce yourself?”

Lan and Heng laughed. Lan said to everyone through Soul Link. “Be careful, his mental capacity is high. It’s almost at the level of a psyche force user. I feel an unknown pressure for simply being in front of him.”

Zheng responded through Soul Link. “But he’s bold to come to us by himself. Doesn’t he know that each team have their uniqueness? Yet he ran straight to us. Is he bored with life or does he have the power to support him?”

Xuan didn’t even pull...

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