Vol 16 Chapter 20-2

As the group followed Gandalf through the woods,Gandalf said. “The last time Sauron invaded Middle Earth, the half orcs, orcs and Uruk-hai burned down this land. The ents were forced to participate in the war. They have bodies over ten meters tall. Hundreds of ents buried ten thousand orcs under the land. They took root here to put life back to these woods.”

Aragorn said. “If we can get their help…”

“It isn’t possible.” Gandalf shook his head. “The ents favor serenity. They can stay in the earth for ten years at a time. They can converse for days at a time. As long as no one enrages them, they won’t leave the woods. They have strong power but they remained unknown in Middle Earth.”

The group came to the border of the woods....

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