Vol 16 Chapter 2-2

Due to the main mission, the three teams were bounded together. They could only watch the plot progress as there was nowhere to go with just a short period of free time.

The Hobbits, or halflings, loved food, music, peace, and a leisurely life. Hobbiton was the home to many Hobbits. The three teams totaled to forty-three people. They could eat to their will here with Frodo paying all their expenses due to their identity and the task Gandalf gave them.

The remaining two teams hadn’t arrived yet. Hobbiton was a safe area at this time in the original movie so the teams only remained slightly cautious over each other. The peaceful life and delicious food gave the newbies the impression of a vacation in the world of the Lord of the Rings.

“Bunch of idiots that don’t understand the horror of this realm. They can enjoy their time now but times of despair will eventually dawn on them. I want...

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