Vol 16 Chapter 2-1

It had been a full day since team China entered the Lord of the Rings. Similar to all other movies, God gave them identities in this world. They were adventurers who met Gandalf before. So the hobbits welcomed them when they came to Hobbiton.

“So teams with different rating experience different numbers of movies and difficulties. But didn’t team Africa experienced the Lord of the Rings already?” Zheng asked with curiousity.

Neos said with a cold smile. “Yes, they experienced the Lord of the Rings, but it has nothing to do with me.” He stopped after this.

Zheng then asked Snow whom he was familiar with. She began explaining to him.

Team Africa’s strength lowered by a lot after Starship Troopers. God rated the team as weak. Fortunately, those who survived were the stronger members, especially Richard who had a self created ability....

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