Vol 16 Chapter 17-2

Aragorn spaced out staring at the pillar until the Nightmare’s clops arrived. He finally noticed the glow on Frodo’s sword in shock. That signaled Orcs nearby, or perhaps… Uruks.

Frodo also noticed the sword’s change. He said to Aragorn. “The sword…”

“Yes. Foes. Run, hurry and run!” Aragorn glanced at Zheng. He held up his sword then came out from the stone wall.

Uruks were swarming out from the forest. Their number was in the hundreds. The Uruks were fully armed with intact armors, helms, shield, and swords. Some of the Uruks even carried long bows that the elves used. Aragorn felt bitterness in his mouth but his support arrived. Zheng charged past him and into the Uruks.

This was his first encounter with the Uruks. They...

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