Vol 16 Chapter 16-2

“Is-is it possible?” Zheng cried in surprise. He had been pondering the possibility of a long term trade with Galadriel. However, it was obviously not possible by the time the were to leave The Lord of the Rings world.

Galadriel asked. “What is God’s dimension? Are you warriors from the realm of the gods?”

Zheng scratched his head. He organized his thoughts. “Uh. We will return to another dimension. We don’t know whether or not it is the realm of the gods. However, beings from this world can’t enter it. They will get killed as soon as they enter it. Items on the other hand can move in an out of the dimension. So we can bring the One Ring to that dimension to kill Sauron who sealed himself in the ring. The ring will then rid itself of its malice while protecting the Three Rings of...

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