Vol 16 Chapter 15-2

“That’s basically the situation. Ahem. Why did I copy that icy man? Anyway, this is Xuan’s plan. We have to choose whether we want to proceed with it.” Haotian smiled.

The other four people gave him a weird expression. Gando said. “What do you mean we can choose? Do you have anything against the man? We are of course going to proceed with his plan. The plan seems like it has a high chance of success too. Why are you asking such question?”

“Asking such a question?” Haotian giggled. He seemed to find it funny. After some time, he said. “You seem to trust Xuan a lot. I never thought someone like him would be worth other people’s trust. Aren't you afraid of him scheming you to death?”

Zero and the two others didn’t express anything. Gando said with empathy. “Now that you mention it, it seems...

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