Vol 16 Chapter 12-2

“F*ck it! I am going to die here if I don’t risk it!” Gungnir was someone that could let go of things. When he realized the circumstance had come to a life deciding choice, he crushed the three rank C energy stones in his hand without a moment of hesitation. That was a rank B reward. A white freezing air rose from his arm. The air flowed from his arm to his body and enclosed his whole body in ice.

On the other hand, Heng and Legolas initiated the first wave of attacks. Both of them used Explosive shot. Two accelerated arrows flew through with invisible speed and penetrated the Balrog’s body instantly. Heng was using +3 enchanted arrows and Legolas’s arrow was glowing green. The final Ringwraith might not be able to take this attack too, not to mention the Balrog.

The arrows opened up two large holes on the Balrog’s body. It wailed...

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