Vol 16 Chapter 12-1

As Gandalf began running after the shout, a voice appeared in the players’ minds.

“Balrog, a creature that naturally absorbs energy floating in the universe. Reproductive cycle of 100 years. Birth through embryogenesis. One fetus per cycle. Female Balrogs consume food amounting to five times their weight daily. Favors consuming humans. Releases gas poisonous to humans. They are therefore the biggest nemesis and enemies of humans. Balrogs were wiped to extinction in the end. Killing this non-poisonous Balrog with 30% of its power rewards 8000 points and a rank A reward. Deduct 3000 points off each person if it escapes.”

God’s notification this time was puzzling. They had encountered monsters and bosses in previous movies but God never gave such hints. It even told them the origin of this Balrog. Judging by its words, this wasn’t the Balrog of the Lord of the Rings...

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